Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Keeping up Appearances

 So I've been keeping myself busy posting up weekly sketches (missing only the occasional week) for you to look over and some additional projects have popped onto my radar.

I've posted a selection of them and I'll try and post up occasional blogs with some images. If you want to follow it on facebook the account to track is here


This image(above) was drawn to celebrate the birth of my nephew to my Sister and Bro in law in Helsinki

As well as all this I'm entering a competition called (and don't judge me on the name) Pimp my M.U.F. by painting/sculpting/changing a Ukelele for the Melbourne Ukelele Festival. The final piece is incomplete as yet with the quick dry clay and a base level of paint applied. 
Here is a preview:

And with only the penwork and paper strips to finish this off it should be all set to be on show at the Trades Hall on the 9th through to the 11th of March 2012. If you can tell what it is, congratulations because I'm still hoping it will work.

p.s. Any questions or requests, please post through.