Monday, June 7, 2010

A Day of Drawing

Last Saturday marked the day of sketching for a considerably number of people around the world with the officially title Drawing Day 2010 starting and finished a good number of sketches, doodles and other such stuff. The rule being that the sketches had to start and finish on the day.

My own efforts involved a coffee shop in Parkdale , a plate of french toast, two coffees and a pot of tea to come back with 4 sketches

And I'm quite happy with my sketches.

But this isn't all about me. If you have a look at the Red Bubble group for the day you'll notice that there are stupendous amounts of sketches and more will probably still be rolling in over the next few days.

Now since they are aiming to have quite a few sketches for the day (the aim is 1,000,000) then I should feel it is my duty to direct you to a few images from other artists who do make wonderful images. Ensure you click through to look at there work properly.

And so if you do feel like you want to get into such a project next year I recommend this one. For a fun day whittling away the hours with a marker of your choice it's great to pass the time and relax.