Frequently Asked Questions

What is the project?
The project is an art piece that combines a mass of people faces together to form a pattern reminiscent of fish scales. The final piece will be 6 1x1 meter panels with 1008 faces on it. This will be exhibited at various places, either as a full piece or the six separate panels spread out.

1008, isn't that quite a lot of images?
1000 was the original intended number but the pattern needed requires 1008 to work correctly. And that is also why I need your help. While I am asking all who read these blog posts to put themselves forward, I'm also hoping you to  pass this on to anyone you know who may be interested. I'd like to include as many people from anywhere and everywhere around the globe.

Are you in this project?
Of course, I wouldn't put this project forward without being prepared to have my own face in it.

Can I go in twice?
No I am only placing people in once per lifetime.

Does it have to be a high quality shot?
The quality of the photo doesn't have to be that great, the example was taken on a mobile phone though I would I will need the image to be light enough to make out your features. If I find it too hard to work with I may ask for a reshoot.The photo will not be included in the final piece.

Can I send you any pictures of people in profile?
I am looking to have permission of all people who are involved in this project. Also if the person is under the age of 18 they need to have permission from there parent or guardian.

Where do you send this to?
email both the photo and name to

And where do updates appear?
The updates will mostly appear on this redbubble account or right here, on this blog

This is a giant project. Have you done anything else like it before?
No, I haven't completed a project this large before but over 2010 I did complete a calendar of sketches called The 365 Notepads Project missing posting on the day for only a few due to an emergency appendix operation. You can have a look at the closing video here if you want as well:

If you have any questions please post them below or email me directly.