Monday, February 7, 2011

The project continues

So I have been quiet recently, whiling away my hours inside my evil lair buried within a volcano.
And I have been receiving lots of images from many nice people around the world. My numbers are almost at 40 (of 1008) so I'm still pushing for any further images from people.

To give you all a bit of an understanding of the project I've started taking some photos and putting together some diagrams.

So If I happened to stand up straight at 183 cms I couldn't see over the top of the 3 panel high art piece. The width is almost 4 meters wide so I could also use a couple of horizontal panels as a bed before I start sketching on them.

And there are the initial panels that, once cut will make up the backing of the piece. I will keep posting 4 photos of each panel once I have completed it so you can get an idea and print out a copy(should you want to)

Thankyou all for your support and keep on inviting your friends. If you're interested in submitting for the project please read this post and email a photo and name of yourself to